VISOR Water Purifier Dispenser

รหัส: VS 45L
ยี่ห้อ: Visor
รุ่น: Visor VS 45L


Visor : VS 45L
Digital Water Purification system Power saving

Product Description
The VS 45L Hot and Cold “Digital” Water Purification System is designed for the high-volume “point – of – use” requirements of city, county, state and federal facilities along with business, commercial and industrial settings.

VS 45L
Purification Filters : N.S.F. Certified


Cooling System by compressor(1/3HP)
Material of Tank Stainless steel
Tank capacity 10.0Liters
Consumption 150W
Temperature 4-7℃
Heating System Sheath heater
Material of Tank Stainless steel
Tank capacity 10 Liters
Consumption 800W
Temperature 80-90℃
Temperature control by 2 sensors(bimetal)
Water Reservoir tank capacity 45 Liters
Material of body ABS and EGI Steel
Dimension 480(W)×480(D)×1430(H)