VISOR Water Purifier Dispenser

รหัส: SPR-4011
ยี่ห้อ: Visor
รุ่น: Visor SPR-4011


Water dispenser, Hot & cold.

4-step filtration system –  Nano pH or RO Membrane Water Filtration technology from Korea. Safe from lead

Product Highlights
1. The shape is elegant and easy to install
2. Imports from Korea
3. Made from durable ABS plastic material with high flexibility.
4. The fountains are highly fit.
5. The filters are arranged in order.
6. Foam and hot water boiler seamless.
7. Drain water pipes
8. The cover is made of rubber well.
9. 1 Year Warranty

Specification :
 Filtration System  Nano pH / RO Membrane
Capacity water tank 5 liters of cold water
5 liters of hot water
20-liter reserve
 water temperature Cold   4-12 C
hot     70-85 C
Power consumption rate Cold 100W
hot 450W
Material tank  Stainless Steel
 External material  ABS and EGI Steel
 Dimension (WxLxH)  380 x 490 X 1300 (mm.)