About Us


           Accas Group Company was founded in 1990 with the philosophy to select quality products for the consumer. Customer service excellence remains at the heart of our company.

Accas Group began from distributing the Fire Alarm System product and branches out to related engineering products. We are the leading distributor of Fire Alarm Systems and other protection products, ranking among the Top 5 distributors in Thailand.

            Accas Group has 2 product lines, Engineering Product and Consumer Durable product, which represent 9 product divisions. The engineering products are Fire Alarm System (UL and CE), Toshiba Lighting Control System, Lightning Protection System, Fire Protection and Nurse Call System. On the other hand, Consumer Durable products include Gate Opener and Automatic Door as one division and Water Purifier and Wellness Product as the last product division.

            Accas Group values our customer and focuses on excelling our after sales service. Our team of experts will always be active in providing information and solutions for customers, assuring customers a reliable service; resulting in customers’ long term trust with the company. Accas Group’s more than 30 years of experience has enabled the company to grow and adapt to suit global trends and satisfy customers demand. Accas Group now would further expand our business to ASEAN countries to take on new potential.