VISOR Water Purifier

รหัส: HW-UP White
ยี่ห้อ: Visor
รุ่น: Visor HW-UP White


VISOR Water Purifier Dispenser Model HW-UP White

Product Features
1. The shape is easy to use.
2. Made of ABS plastic material
3. Tap the top
4. Imports from Korea
5. Warranty 1 year
Model HW-UP
Category VISOR Water Purifier Dispenser
Dimensions 325 x 180 x 430 (mm)
weight 7.5 kg
Filtration System Nano pH
4 step Filtration System (Nano pH) 1. Sediment Filter
2. Pre-Carbon Filter
3. Nano pH Membrane Filter
4. Post-Carbon Filter