VISOR Water Purifier

รหัส: HW-RP Blue
ยี่ห้อ: Visor
รุ่น: HW-RP Blue


VISOR Water Purifier Dispenser : HW-RP Blue
4 Stage Filtration  Nano pH Technology
Made in Korea

Product Features
1. The shape is easy to use.
2. Made of ABS plastic material
3. Tap the top
4. Imports from Korea
5. Warranty 1 year


Model HW-RP Blue
Type Water Purifier : On sink / Under Sink
Filtration Nano pH Technology
4 Step Filter 1. Sediment Filter
2. Pre-Carbon Filter
3. Nano pH Membrane Filter
4. Post-Carbon Filter
Size 325 x 180 x 430 (mm)
Weight 7.5 kg
Color Blue – White