Fire Alarm Control Panels 1 Z

รหัส: FF380
ยี่ห้อ: Will



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Specification 1 Zone
Model FF 380 – 2
Main Supply Voltage 230 vac +- 10% 50/60 HZ
Total Output Current Limited to (at 240 VAC) 400 mA
Number of Detector Circuits 1
Max. Detector per Circuits 60 (max. detector current 2 mA) / No limit for Manual Call Points
Number of Sounder Circuits 2
Max. Bell @ 25 mA 16
Max. Sounders @ 20 mA 20
Sounder Outputs Fused at 400 mA
Dimensions (W x H x D) mms 271 x 200 x 70
Weight (without batteries) kg 2.3
Catalog (ENG) 1