Fire Hose Rack

รหัส: W604
ยี่ห้อ: Will
รุ่น: Fire Hose Rack W604


WILL Fire House are made by adoption of high – strength syntetic fiber woven outer jacket, lined with rubber, featuring good pressure resistance, light – weight and softness, long service life, suitable for fire fighting, fire pumps or vehicles, for conveyance of water or other extinguishing agents and can also be extensively in field of  industry, transportation, petrochemical, agriculture, etc.

Technical Data
Working Pressure 210 PSI.
Testing Pressure 250 PSI.
Bursting Pressure 555 PSI.
Weight Per Meter 450 g.
Internal Diameter 2 1/2″ inches
Lenght 30 M.
Catalog (ENG) 1