Heat Detectors

รหัส: FH1-01
ยี่ห้อ: Will
รุ่น: Fixed Temperature Detector


Fixed Temperature Detector  

When detector’s ambient temperature has reached the
pre-fire standard (Operating temperature), sensor’s dual
metal plate will bend for conduction (dual metal are two
connected metal with defferent inflation factors, it will bent
by inflation when heat is up to certain degree) and issue
the signal to control panel

Technical Data FH1-1
Type  2 – wire
Thermal Setting  70  ̊C.
Alarm Temperature  Comply to EN54,CNS
Voltage Range  DC 12V – 30V
Alarm Current  25mA
Ambient Temperature  -10  ̊C  ̴ +55  ̊C
Material  Fire – proof plastic
Dimensions  110mm (Dia.) x 47mm (H)
Weight  100g
Color  White
Effective Alert Area
Construction / Height Under 4m. 4m.~8m.
Fire-Proof Building 60 sqm. 30 sqm.
Ordinary Building 30 sqm. 15 sqm.
Catalog (ENG) 1