Heat Detectors

รหัส: RH1-01
ยี่ห้อ: Will
รุ่น: Heat Detectors


Will Heat Detector

Thus, the fire signal will be sent to control panel. Detector itself has auto balance function when tempurature changed rapidly, so false wouldn’t happen.

When detector ‘s ambient temperature rises rapidly and has reached the pre-fire standard (Operating temperature),inside of detector will inflate and then press the sensing diaphragm to conduct the metal contact.

Technical Data RH1-1
Opreative Temperature Comply to EN54, CNS
Opreative Current  DC 24V 25mA.
Ambient Temperature  -0 C ~ 55 C
Relative Humidity 10% ~ 95%
Material Fire – proof plastic
Dimensions 110mm (dia) x 43mm (H)
Weight 130 g.
Color  White
Effective Alert Area
Construction / Height Under 4m. 4m.~8m.
Fire-Proof Building 90 sqm. 45 sqm.
Ordinary Building 90 sqm. 30 sqm.
Catalog (ENG) 1