Smoke Detector

รหัส: PS1-01
ยี่ห้อ: Will
รุ่น: Photoelectric Smoke Detector



The infrared light beam from transmitter intersect the smoke
particles will cause the light spread to all directions. When
receiver has sensed the light, it will send signal to control panel
for fire alarm status as soon as the density of smoke reaches
pre-determined alarm level.

Transmitter projects beam signal every 3 seconds to check
any smoke caused by real fire. When smoke density reaches
the preset standard ,receiver will confirm the signal for 16
consecutive times. Control panel will then receive the fire signal
after confirmation is made. Insect guard is made of radius
0.5 mm stainless steel to prevent the invasion by insects,
decrease fault alarm. Besides stainless steel has great
discharge effect on electrostatics.

 Model  PS1-01
 Operating Sensitivity  Comply to UL268, EN54, CNS
 Operating Current  DC 24V  under 30uA
 Monitoring Current  under 30uA
 Ambient Temperature   -10 C ~ 55 C
 Relative Humidity  10% ~ 95%
 Material  Fire – proof plastic
 Dimensions  110 mm (Dia.) x 50 mm (H)
 Weight  170 g
 Color  White
Catalog (ENG) 1